Facebook Ads are only going to get smarter

It boggles my mind sometimes when friends complain at how “intrusive” Facebook ads are “getting.” Do keep in mind, that it is actually *you* who are the product being bought and sold on Facebook. That whole concept of being “free?” It simply ain’t so. Yes — free for you to use, but your data and interests are being tabulated by some pretty intense algorithms designed to figure out how to get you to put money down on products you are interested in. Invasive? Well, you invited them in, so — get out or get over it. If you want a social network that doesn’t take your data and sell it to advertisers, then you are going to have to put *your* money down on a social network upfront. And there’s not really enough people in the world interested enough to do that to monetize it well. So, get over it.

In the meantime, I think the whole T-shirt or sweatshirt thing with your name printed on it recently is interesting. Boggles my mind at how many people are surprised by this. I’m surprised it took *this long* for it to get developed. I full expect within the next 5 years that we will start seeing our faces, or our kids faces cropped into the next season’s lineup of stylish new clothes. “Imagine yourself in this …” will be a thing of the past. You’ll see it right there in your sidebar (or whatever the equivalent is in 5 years … time will only tell.).

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