Death and Taxes


Death and Taxes, it is said, are the two certainties in life. I despise deadlines, and so, ironically, on this day in which I am due to finalize my personal and (for the first time) business taxes — of which I have commiserated over the last couple of weeks, desperately wishing for more time, expertise, and to have gone ahead and found a CPA a little sooner — I push off further the inevitable. There are penalties for pushing off taxes past the due date. (Though my sources, at least in regard to personal taxes, tell me that there are only penalties on your personal taxes if you actually *owe* taxes, and that you’re only robbing yourself longer if you are expecting a return). Yet, as perhaps a personality quirk of mine, whenever I find myself under “immense pressure” to be forced into doing something, instead I choose to put it off, and do something of which I’d rather. If I’m going to be late anyhow, why kill myself over it in a foolish attempt to finish *just a little less late* than I would have otherwise?

To be sure — I wouldn’t push it off a month or two or six. Maybe. 😉 It would be silly to end up in jail over not filing your taxes on time. But, it has been a bit more complicated this year — not being a business-minded person, yet feeling enough of an entrepreneurial spirit to start a business. And so my habits, regarding taxes, and so on and so forth — are still forming.

Oh yes, I’m learning stuff from being late. Sometimes, having a phone call from the Capital, informing you that you didn’t file your sales tax for the previous quarter or two, is just the thing to help you realize it was something you should have been doing all along. And you know what? I got first quarter of 2014 turned in on time. So there. Right on the heels of my previous two quarters worth of statements. Now about the rest of those taxes… Does anyone actually know for certainty if taxes don’t just appear out of mid-air and reproduce like rabbits?

And so, I learn.

It has been said, “Experience is learning from your mistakes” — I am getting that part. And the conclusion to the saying, “But Wisdom is learning from the mistakes of others.” Oh well — I’ll just have to settle for being a wise-guy.

So, here I am, at another point of pain and difficulty, choosing, instead, to do something else. *Write.* I have long enjoyed writing, and long enjoyed creative outlets in the midst of otherwise dark and foreboding days (and it is rather dreary and rainy out today — how fitting).

I have also long been a contemplator. And a progressive. But I cannot pioneer and invent every new fancy that pops into my head. I have, what I think are, a lot of good ideas about how to do things — ways to improve things, ways to do things better. But I cannot pursue every idea that I have. It is very much like an orchard — full of wishes, yet it is impractical to pick every wish the orchard offers. I often think the truth found in these sage words —

“From the day we arrive on the planet, and blinking, step into the sun — there is more to see than can ever be seen, more to do than can ever be done.”

And so it is — we must choose our wishes carefully, choose the dream we are to follow. Yet this world is full of so many amazing things to be seen, and done, and experienced — so many people to befriend and love, so many paths toward improving and benefiting our fellow human beings, that I can’t help but want to share my ideas here. I recognize that many ideas I have, may or may not be original, or original enough to make a difference — but that perhaps something I might say here might be enough of an inspiration to help someone else come up with the next sliced bread, the next polio vaccine, or the next first steps on the moon. If I am able to help you do that, I would love to hear from you. And if I’m simply inventing that which has already been invented elsewhere — so be it. I thought it up on my own, decided it wasn’t something I could pursue on my own, but wanted to birth it somewhere in some fashion. So here it is. It’ll be okay.

Would also love to start some conversations. I love to start an idea, and see where it goes — but I don’t always have the full wherewithal to get it to it’s logical end. For example, I have a lot of cool ideas about rocket science — but I’m not a rocket scientist, so there’s only so much I can do.

And sometimes, that’s exactly what it takes to move something forward — those of us who don’t know the limitations of a discipline, and can say something that is so “what if?” that it helps someone who is in the discipline, someone who is stuck in the box, to say “Oh, wow — you know, that just might work. Let’s try…” And perhaps the world is changed for the better. Couldn’t hurt.

But now, for the meantime, perhaps I should get back to taxes. Or am I mixing that up with the former?

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